[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 15651] eel2 doesn't compile

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Tue Apr 6 14:36:55 EDT 2010


--- Comment #2 from Arwed v. Merkatz <v.merkatz at gmx.net>  2010-04-06 13:36:54 ---
The only real eel2 users left were mail-notification and nautilus-cd-burner,
all the rest were bogus dependencies. I updated mail-notification so it doesn't
need eel2 anymore with commit c5a9768 and removed all bogus eel2 dependencies
(commits 106d8ece10c7c52c66f2f0ad30296627f72da6a6,
nautilus-cd-burner doesn't use eel_background_is_dark, so I think it's safe to
just quickhack the source of eel2 to compile. There's also an unstable version
of nautilus-cd-burner that doesn't use eel anymore, maybe that's the better
solution. Then we could drop eel2 completely.

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