[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 15436] DRM spell fail to build with linux kernel > 2.6.29 - DRM spell deprecated?

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Sat Oct 24 16:13:34 EDT 2009


--- Comment #6 from lok <ldelettre at free.fr>  2009-10-24 15:13:32 ---
here it is some information about my system maybe it could be useful

Grimoire    Section  Spell  Grimoire Version  Installed Version
--------    -------  -----  ----------------  -----------------
stable      kernels  linux
stable      kernels  drm    20091024          20091004
stable      gnu      gcc    4.3.3             4.3.3

Here it is the "config log"

Computing previously installed dependencies...
drm preparing environment...
Automaticaly update the spell on sorcery queue/system-update? [y] 
Use the EXPERIMENTAL r6xx-7xx-support branch? [y] 

Drm running configuration...
i830 - deprecated
i915 - maintained in kernel now
What drivers do you want
    [0]  all
    [1]  i810
    [2]  mach64
    [3]  mga
    [4]  nouveau
    [5]  nv
    [6]  r128
    [7]  radeon
    [8]  savage
    [9]  sis
    [a]  tdfx
    [b]  via
    [c]  xgi

You can select multiple choices by simply entering the proper numbers and/or
Select your choice(es)? [ 7] 
drm checking dependencies...
drm has a dependency on git
drm has an optional dependency on udev (for using udev instead of mknod)
Do you want to use udev? [y] 
git No work to do.
udev No work to do.
Collating dependencies...
Spells are to be cast:

Video Card:
02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV770 [Radeon HD 4850]

processor    : 0
vendor_id    : AuthenticAMD
cpu family    : 15
model        : 107
model name    : AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+
stepping    : 2
cpu MHz        : 2600.163
cache size    : 512 KB
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