[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 15104] libxcb 1.2 renames shared objects and loses the library archive breaking many packages

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Tue Nov 17 16:24:48 EST 2009


--- Comment #40 from lok <ldelettre at free.fr>  2009-11-17 15:24:44 ---
There is so many spell broken that i can't have all of them. Furthermore  i
think that some other spell are broken too but they are drop during the update.
I don't know if it exist but it could be nice to have a file that log all the
successfull update spell, all the drop spell and all the fail to compile spell
in order to follow these problem an update log. 
I wwll try to find some spell that fail

here it is a list of failed spell but i ve stop the update before the end. Ive
revert to libxcb 1.1 until this is solve i hope i could rebuild my whole

20091117:1518(+0000)    cast    exo    0.3.104    failure    
20091117:1523(+0000)    cast    xfce-utils    4.6.1    failure    
20091117:1523(+0000)    cast    xfce4-appfinder    4.6.1    failure    
20091117:1524(+0000)    cast    libx11    1.3.2    failure    
20091117:1547(+0000)    cast    setuptools    0.6c10    failure    
20091117:1703(+0000)    cast    graphviz    2.24.0    failure    
20091117:1712(+0000)    cast    libx11    1.3.2    failure    
20091117:1712(+0000)    cast    libxt    1.0.7    failure    
20091117:1712(+0000)    cast    libxext    1.1.1    failure    
20091117:1713(+0000)    cast    libxrender    0.9.5    failure    
20091117:1713(+0000)    cast    libxmu    1.0.5    failure    
20091117:1713(+0000)    cast    libxpm    3.5.8    failure    
20091117:1713(+0000)    cast    libxaw    1.0.7    failure    
20091117:1713(+0000)    cast    libxkbfile    1.0.6    failure    
20091117:1713(+0000)    cast    libxkbui    1.0.2    failure    
20091117:1714(+0000)    cast    libxxf86misc    1.0.2    failure    
20091117:1714(+0000)    cast    libxxf86vm    1.1.0    failure    
20091117:1714(+0000)    cast    libxres    1.0.4    failure    
20091117:1715(+0000)    cast    libxrandr    1.3.0    failure    
20091117:1715(+0000)    cast    libxv    1.0.5    failure    
20091117:1715(+0000)    cast    libxinerama    1.1    failure    
20091117:1716(+0000)    cast    libxvmc    1.0.5    failure    
20091117:1716(+0000)    cast    dbus    1.2.16    failure    
20091117:1718(+0000)    cast    libxfontcache    1.0.5    failure    
20091117:1718(+0000)    cast    libxxf86dga    1.1.1    failure    
20091117:1718(+0000)    cast    libxfixes    4.0.4    failure    
20091117:1718(+0000)    cast    libxcomposite    0.4.1    failure    
20091117:1719(+0000)    cast    libxi    1.3    failure    
20091117:1719(+0000)    cast    xinit    1.1.1    failure    
20091117:1719(+0000)    cast    bitmap    1.0.4    failure    

this is a partial log. I think that a good way to reproduce this bug is to
build a system with the stable 0.37 (a full system with xorg+xfce+....) and
update it to 0.38. I think it will be hard to have an exhaustiv list i will
come to the irc during the week to talk about that.

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