[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 15257] Migration of libblkid.so from e2fsprogs to util-linux breaks mount/boot

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Sat Nov 14 04:52:56 EST 2009


--- Comment #15 from Thomas Orgis <sobukus at sourcemage.org>  2009-11-14 03:52:51 ---
Oh, how funnny this crap is... I see again the need to finally build bulk
castfs support into sorcery, to cast several spells into one overlay filesytem
(castfs), including the file deletion of dispell, and then later merge the
stuff to the real system.

The rather annoying issue I see now is that Source Mage is unable to bootstrap
a chroot. util-linux DEPENDS on e2fsprogs, while for a fresh cast, you really,
really, need the dependency the other way round. There's really something wrong
with our way to install things when we require the reversed dependency order to
avoid some breakage.

What about a way to prevent the cast of e2fsprogs to rip out libblkid.so and
libuuid.so on dispel of the old version? Would that be that hard?
Quick md5 check if the to be ripped files are really the files belonging to
e2fsprogs ... hm, unless, they're indeed identical. So, better a test if a
fresh util-linux is installed, then refrain from deleting those libs (or
save/restore them after dispel...).

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