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--- Comment #8 from Julien "_kaze_" ROZO <julien at rozo.org>  2009-03-26 11:57:04 ---
I've found the problem : qt3 headers are used instead of qt4 ones.

>From the compilation log :

"kalyptus: processing /usr/include/qt/qaccessible.h"

/usr/include/qt/ is from qt-x11 spell, not from qt4. It should be :
"kalyptus: processing /usr/include/Qt/qaccessible.h"

The cmake process assignes "/usr/include" to the QT_INCLUDE_DIR var. Then, at
compilation time, instead of getting headers in /usr/include/Qt, kalyptus (or
another process maybe ?) gets them in /usr/include/qt.

So the problem is not related to 32 or 64 bit arch, but to qt-x11 installed or

One workaround for the moment is to :
- dispel qt-x11
- cast kdebindings4
- resurrect qt-x11

I'm trying to patch patch this spell, not very successfully atm.

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