[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 15104] libxcb 1.2 renames shared objects and loses the library archive breaking many packages

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Sun Mar 22 05:06:24 EDT 2009


--- Comment #15 from Remko van der Vossen <wich at stack.nl>  2009-03-22 04:06:19 ---
Yes David, that's exactly the point, libxcb does not have a libxcb-xlib anymore
completely breaking the binary interface. You need to recast all dependees in
the proper order in order to resolve it and that is exactly the problem, we are
missing many dependencies in our spells, especially xorg spells and thus
sorcery cannot determine the correct order of spells to cast.

I'm working on an improved script to find missing library dependencies, in
which we're not using ldd, as that also lists dependencies of dependencies, but
readelf to read the dynamic section, but now I need to do the actual library
lookups myself respecting ld config and ELF rpath settings. I still need to fix
a few things there as well as handling sorcery providers correctly but then the
main lookup code should be working correctly. Then I stil need to wring out the
last issues in the code that determines what should be updated in the indices I
build to do the dependency and library provider lookups, but that isn't
necessary to make a good overview of missing dependencies to help out current
problem with this spell.

In any case I very much recommend reverting libxcb in master to 1.1 first
resolving many of the missing dependencies we have. I spent like three weeks
recasting spells and running cleanse --fix to get one machine back in a
sensible working state, but there are still things messed up on that one.

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