[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 15104] New: libxcb 1.2 renames shared objects and loses the library archive breaking many packages

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Thu Mar 5 14:25:33 EST 2009


           Summary: libxcb 1.2 renames shared objects and loses the
                    library archive breaking many packages
           Product: Codex
           Version: stable-rc grimoire
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: critical
          Priority: P2
         Component: xorg-modular
        AssignedTo: sm-grimoire-bugs at lists.ibiblio.org
        ReportedBy: sandalle at sourcemage.org

After updating to libxcb 1.2, most of my X applications were now broken:
libtool: link: cannot find the library `/usr/lib/libxcb-xlib.la' or unhandled
argument `/usr/lib/libxcb-xlib.la'

Many X applications (e.g. all of KDE) does not work. We are missing many
dependencies as well as an UP_TRIGGERS for libxcb for API changes (e.g.

Here's a list from Remko, which Arwed points out probably includes packages
which only link against libxcb as their dependencies link against it:
arts libxcb:missing
avidemux2 libxcb:missing
bitmap libxcb:missing
blackbox libxcb:missing
cairo libxcb:missing
cairomm libxcb:missing
compiz libxcb:missing
compiz-fusion-plugins-main libxcb:missing
compizconfig-python libxcb:missing
dbus libxcb:missing
distcc libxcb:missing
dosbox libxcb:missing
doxygen libxcb:missing
e17 libxcb:missing
ecore libxcb:missing
edje libxcb:missing
emerald libxcb:missing
evas libxcb:missing
exo libxcb:missing
faad2 libxcb:missing
ffmpeg libxcb:missing
firefox libxcb:missing
flac libxcb:missing
flash libxcb:missing
fltk libxcb:missing
fontforge libxcb:missing
freeglut libxcb:missing
gbdfed libxcb:missing
gconf2 libxcb:missing
gd libxcb:missing
gdk-pixbuf libxcb:missing
geda-gattrib libxcb:missing
geda-gnetlist libxcb:missing
geda-gschem libxcb:missing
geda-gsymcheck libxcb:missing
geda-utils libxcb:missing
gegl libxcb:missing
ghostscript libxcb:missing
giflib libxcb:missing
gimp libxcb:missing
gle libxcb:missing
glitz libxcb:missing
gnome-keyring libxcb:missing
gnome-libs libxcb:missing
grip libxcb:missing
groff libxcb:missing
gst-plugins-base libxcb:missing
gtetrinet libxcb:missing
gtk+ libxcb:missing
gtk+2 libxcb:missing
gtkglext libxcb:missing
gtkmm2 libxcb:missing
gtkpod libxcb:missing
hfsutils libxcb:missing
imagemagick libxcb:missing
imlib libxcb:missing
imlib2 libxcb:missing
inkscape libxcb:missing
ipe libxcb:missing
jed libxcb:missing
kdebase libxcb:missing
kdelibs libxcb:missing
ksubeditor libxcb:missing
ksubtile libxcb:missing
lesstif libxcb:missing
libbonoboui libxcb:missing
libgdiplus libxcb:missing
libgeda libxcb:missing
libglade2 libxcb:missing
libgnomecanvas libxcb:missing
libgnomeui libxcb:missing
libmpeg2 libxcb:missing
librsvg2 libxcb:missing
libwmf libxcb:missing
libwnck libxcb:missing
libx11 libxcb:missing
libxaw libxcb:missing
libxcb libxau:missing
libxcb libxcb:missing
libxcb libxdmcp:missing
libxcomposite libxcb:missing
libxcursor libxcb:missing
libxdamage libxcb:missing
libxevie libxcb:missing
libxext libxcb:missing
libxfce4mcs libxcb:missing
libxfcegui4 libxcb:missing
libxfixes libxcb:missing
libxfontcache libxcb:missing
libxft libxcb:missing
libxi libxcb:missing
libxinerama libxcb:missing
libxkbfile libxcb:missing
libxkbui libxcb:missing
libxmu libxcb:missing
libxpm libxcb:missing
libxrandr libxcb:missing
libxrender libxcb:missing
libxres libxcb:missing
libxscrnsaver libxcb:missing
libxt libxcb:missing
libxtst libxcb:missing
libxv libxcb:missing
libxvmc libxcb:missing
libxxf86dga libxcb:missing
libxxf86misc libxcb:missing
libxxf86vm libxcb:missing
lincity-ng libxcb:missing
links-twibright libxcb:missing
luit libxcb:missing
mesalib libxcb:missing
mlterm libxcb:missing
mplayer libxcb:missing
mplayerplug-in libxcb:missing
netpbm libxcb:missing
nvidia_driver libxcb:missing
nwn libxcb:missing
openarena libxcb:missing
opera libxcb:missing
pango libxcb:missing
pangomm libxcb:missing
pcb libxcb:missing
perl-cairo libxcb:missing
perl-gtk2 libxcb:missing
poppler libxcb:missing
pycairo libxcb:missing
pygame libxcb:missing
pygtk2 libxcb:missing
pyqt libxcb:missing
python libxcb:missing
qiv libxcb:missing
qt-x11 libxcb:missing
qt4 libxcb:missing
rdesktop libxcb:missing
ruby libxcb:missing
scim libxcb:missing
scim-anthy libxcb:missing
snd libxcb:missing
startup-notification libxcb:missing
t1lib libxcb:missing
terminal libxcb:missing
tetex libxcb:missing
thunderbird libxcb:missing
timidity libxcb:missing
tk libxcb:missing
transcode libxcb:missing
umbrello libxcb:missing
unixodbc libxcb:missing
verve-plugin libxcb:missing
vnc libxcb:missing
vte libxcb:missing
w3m libxcb:missing
wine libxcb:missing
xauth libxcb:missing
xcb libxcb:missing
xdm libxcb:missing
xdvi libxcb:missing
xfce-mcs-manager libxcb:missing
xfce-utils libxcb:missing
xfce4-mixer libxcb:missing
xfce4-panel libxcb:missing
xfce4-session libxcb:missing
xfd libxcb:missing
xfdesktop libxcb:missing
xfwm4 libxcb:missing
xhost libxcb:missing
xinit libxcb:missing
xkbcomp libxcb:missing
xlsfonts libxcb:missing
xmag libxcb:missing
xmms libxcb:missing
xmodmap libxcb:missing
xorg-server libxcb:missing
xpdf libxcb:missing
xrandr libxcb:missing
xrdb libxcb:missing
xscreensaver libxcb:missing
xset libxcb:missing
xsetroot libxcb:missing
xterm libxcb:missing
xulrunner libxcb:missing
xv libxcb:missing
xvid4conf libxcb:missing
xzgv libxcb:missing

tiff is also broken for me and not in Remko's list.

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