[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 15256] subversion 1.6.2 fails to find Berkeley DB

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Fri Jun 12 17:29:09 EDT 2009


--- Comment #1 from Eric Sandall <sandalle at sourcemage.org>  2009-06-12 16:29:08 ---
May be caused by:
commit e25de8afad3db85dd14e04b7f14af2d702da6b37
Author: Eric Sandall <sandalle at sourcemage.org>
Commit: Eric Sandall <sandalle at sourcemage.org>

    glibc: Update default headers to 2.6.30

    Tested a `sorcery rebuild` on three machines with varying WMs (KDE3,
    KDE4, GNOME, XFCE4, E17) and didn't notice any new compile failures.

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