[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 14937] INTEGRATED: xorg-server 1.5.3 problems

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Sat Jan 24 10:17:00 EST 2009


--- Comment #9 from p3pilot <gsherwood at sourcemage.org>  2009-01-24 09:17:00 ---
The problem is that the patch does fix a compile problem for myself and at
least the user that wrote up the bug.  I have tried as many possible
combinations of glx and dri and I can't make my build break with the patch.  I
have never seen the exact error when the patch breaks the build for Ethan, so I
can not comment on the reasons, but he is the only person I have heard of this
patch causing an error.  I don't mind making it optional, but I think the
default should be yes, since this is a very repeatable error for me especially
when building a new system and using the stable grimoire.  Once xorg-server is
installed, it is more difficult to reproduce the error.

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