[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 15024] qemu needs dirent.h

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--- Comment #2 from Harry Broeken <harry.broeken at home.nl>  2009-01-18 12:01:38 ---
as far as I did know I did install glibc with the sanitized kernel-headers.
Kernel is 2.6.28 and glibc is 2.9.
But browsing through the SPELL-files etc.. there should be a something like
$HEADERS_VERSION-kernel-headers.tar.bz2 in the /var/spool/sorcery and there is
not. So most probably I did not use the santized kernel-headers. My first
comment of "as far as I did know" was based on 'gaze from /usr/include/linux'
which gave me glibc. So remains the question is dirent.h in the sanitized
kernel-headers installed in /usr/include/linux or in /usr/include. And/or is
there some rational why dirent.h should be installed in /usr/include/linux or

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