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--- Comment #6 from Remko van der Vossen <wich at sourcemage.org>  2009-08-29 07:25:00 ---
Okay, so I modified cleanse to not set LD_LIBRARY_PATH for the ldd check and
ran a cleanse run over all installed spells on one of my boxes, out of the
below 642 spells installed only three failed the ldd check:

firefox, thunderbird and xulrunner (notice a pattern here?)

So based on this info I say, let's definately go for option 3b, the work seems
to be minimal and I think it'd be a step in the good direction to get QA
scripts going in our spells, which we could use for further QA purposes later
down the line, like specialized QA tests that could be optionally run after
casting the spell, run in a cleanse check, or whatever and anything else we can
think of in the QA area in the future.

One caveat though, I'd like to request people with a lot kde and/or gnome stuff
installed, or really just anyone with lots and lots of spells installed to give
a no LD_LIBRARY_PATH cleanse --nofix_quick run a go to see what the damage is
in areas of the grimoire which I do not use. A simple way to do this is to
comment out the following two lines from cleanse:

779     I_LOG=$INSTALL_LOGS/$SPELL-$(private_installed_version  $SPELL)
780     hash_put ldd_hash $SPELL "$(grep '\.so$' $I_LOG|get_dirnames|sort -u|tr
'\n' :)"

If we do decide to go the route of option 3b, I would suggest as a grace period
of say 3 months; modifying cleanse such that, it runs the ldd check without
modifying the LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable, and then, should that check fail, run
it with the LD_LIBRARY_PATH as we do now. If both of these checks are run and
the results differ, then show a big warning message that this is probably a QA
bug concerning LD_LIBRARY_PATH and that a bug should be filed under some to be
made master bug. That way we can hopefully quickly tackle any such issues
remaining after some initial efforts on the spells we already identify as
needing such QA scripts defining the LD_LIBRARY_PATH to be used.

Oh, and as a nice bonus, once the grace period is over we can do away with the
ldd check initialization we have now speeding up cleanse and our check_self
triggers ;)

Spells I have installed: a52dec alsa-lib alsa-utils anthy anyevent apache22 apr
apr-util arts aspell aspell-en atk attr audiofile autoconf automake
automake-1.9 avidemux2 babl base-profile basesystem bash bc bdftopcf
bigreqsproto bind-tools binutils bison bitmap blackbox boost boost-jam
bridge-utils bzip2 ca-certificates cairo cairomm calc castfs cdparanoia
cdrtools cksfv cmake compiz-bcop compositeproto console-data console-tools
coreutils courier courier-authlib cpio cracklib curl cvs damageproto dante db
dbh dbus dbus-glib dbus-python dejavu-ttf desktop-file-utils dialog diffutils
distcc dmxproto docbook-dsssl docbook-dtd docbook-sgml-dtd docbook-xsl doorlog2
dos2unix dosbox dosfstools doxygen dri2proto dvdrip e17 e2fsprogs e_dbus
eawpats ecore ed edje eet efreet eina einstein embryo esound evas event
event-execflow event-rpc evieext exo expat faac faad2 fbset ffmpeg file
findutils firefox fixesproto flac flash flex fltk font-adobe-100dpi
font-adobe-75dpi font-adobe-utopia-100dpi font-adobe-utopia-75dpi
font-adobe-utopia-type1 font-alias font-arabic-misc font-bh-100dpi
font-bh-75dpi font-bh-lucidatypewriter-100dpi font-bh-lucidatypewriter-75dpi
font-bh-ttf font-bh-type1 font-bitstream-100dpi font-bitstream-75dpi
font-bitstream-speedo font-bitstream-type1 font-cronyx-cyrillic
font-cursor-misc font-daewoo-misc font-dec-misc font-ibm-type1 font-isas-misc
font-jis-misc font-micro-misc font-misc-cyrillic font-misc-ethiopic
font-misc-meltho font-misc-misc font-mutt-misc font-schumacher-misc
font-screen-cyrillic font-sony-misc font-sun-misc font-util
font-winitzki-cyrillic font-xfree86-type1 fontcacheproto fontconfig fontforge
fontsproto freefont-ttf freeglut freetype2 fuse g++ gawk gcc gcc34 gccmakedep
gconf2 gd gdb gdbm gdk-pixbuf geda-docs geda-examples geda-gattrib
geda-gnetlist geda-gschem geda-gsymcheck geda-profile geda-symbols geda-utils
gegl gettext ghostscript ghostscript-fonts-other ghostscript-fonts-std giflib
gimp git gle glib glib2 glibc glibmm glitz glproto gmp gnome-common2
gnome-keyring gnome-libs gnome-mime-data2 gnome-vfs2 gnugo gnupg gnutls
graphical-profile grep grip groff grub gst-plugins-base gstreamer gtetrinet
gtk+ gtk+2 gtk2-ex-formfactory gtkglext gtkmm2 gtkpod guile gv gzip hal
hfsutils hicolor-icon-theme iana-etc iceauth icu id3lib ifupdown ifxetex
imagemagick imake imlib imlib2 init.d inkscape inputproto installwatch intltool
ion3 ipe iproute2 iptables iptraf iputils-ping iputils-tracepath irssi jack jam
jed jpeg kbproto kdebase kdelibs kqemu ksubeditor ksubtile lame latexdiff lcms
less lesstif libao libart_lgpl libbonobo libbonoboui libcap libcroco libdrm
libdts libdvdcss libdvdnav libdvdread libelf libexif libfontenc libgc libgcrypt
libgdiplus libgeda libghttp libglade2 libgnome libgnomecanvas libgnomeui
libgpg-error libgpod libgsf libice libid3tag libidl libidn libintl-perl
liblbxutil libmad libmikmod libmng libmpcdec libmpeg2 libmpeg3 libogg liboil
libpcap libpciaccess libpng libpthread-stubs librsvg2 libsigc++3 libsm
libsndfile libssh2 libstroke libtasn1 libtheora libtool libtorrent libusb
libusb-compat libvorbis libwmf libwnck libx11 libx86 libxau libxaw libxcb
libxcomposite libxcursor libxdamage libxdmcp libxevie libxext libxfce4mcs
libxfce4menu libxfce4util libxfcegui4 libxfixes libxfont libxfontcache libxft
libxi libxinerama libxkbfile libxkbui libxml libxml++ libxml2 libxmu libxp
libxpm libxrandr libxrender libxres libxscrnsaver libxslt libxt libxtst libxv
libxvmc libxxf86dga libxxf86misc libxxf86vm lincity-ng links-twibright linux
linux-pam linuxdoc-tools live lndir locale lsdvd lua luit lxml lynx m4 make
makedepend man man-pages mercurial mesalib metalog mime-support minicom mixxx
mkfontdir mkfontscale mlterm mnemosyne module-init-tools mono mp3info mpfr
mpg321 mplayer mplayer-fonts mplayer-gui mplayerplug-in msttf multiuser-profile
mutt mysql nano nasm ncftp ncurses neon net-tools netconf netkit-base
netkit-rwho netkit-telnet netpbm nfs-utils nspr nss ntfs-3g ntp numpy
nvidia_driver nvidia_headers ode ogmtools openal openarena opencdk openjade
opensp openssh openssl opera orbit orbit2 p7zip pango pangomm paps parted patch
pcb pciutils pcre pdksh perl perl-cairo perl-error perl-extutils-depends
perl-extutils-pkgconfig perl-glib perl-gtk2 perl-pango pgf php physfs pixman
pkgconfig policykit poppler poppler-data popt portaudio19 portmap postgresql
printproto procps psmisc psutils pycairo pygame pygobject pygtk2 pyqt pyrex
python pyxml qemu qiv qt-x11 qt4 quicktime-codecs quota randrproto rar2
rdesktop readline real-codecs recordproto reiserfsprogs renderproto
resourceproto rgb rpmunpack rtorrent ruby ruby-glib2 run-parts scim scim-anthy
screen scrnsaverproto sdl sdl_gfx sdl_image sdl_mixer sdl_sound sdl_ttf sed
sessreg setuptools sgml-common sgmlspm shadow shared-mime-info simpleinit-msb
sip slang smgl-archspecs smgl-fhs smgl-foma smgl-gl_select smgl-ledger snd
sorcery-pubkeys spidermonkey sqlite stack-profile startup-notification strace
subrip subversion sudo swig t1lib taglib tar tcl tcp_wrappers tcpdump tcsh
terminal terminus-font tetex tetex-texmf texinfo thunderbird tiff timidity tk
traceroute transcode trapproto ttf-bitstream-vera ttf-kochi-substitute twolame
udev umbrello uml_utilities unixodbc unrar unzip uri util-linux util-macros
uucp uudeview vbetool verve-plugin videoproto vim vnc vorbis-tools vte
w3c-libwww w3m wget which whois win32codecs wine x264 xanim-codecs xauth xaw3d
xbitmaps xcb xcb-proto xcmiscproto xdm xdvi xextproto xf86-input-evdev
xf86-input-keyboard xf86-input-mouse xf86-video-vesa xf86bigfontproto
xf86dgaproto xf86driproto xf86miscproto xf86rushproto xf86vidmodeproto
xfce-mcs-manager xfce-utils xfce4-icon-theme xfce4-mixer xfce4-panel
xfce4-profile xfce4-session xfce4-settings xfconf xfd xfdesktop xfwm4
xfwm4-themes xhost xineramaproto xinit xkbcomp xkeyboard-config xlsfonts xmag
xml-parser-expat xmlto xmms xmodmap xorg-cf-files xorg-libs xorg-server
xorg-utils xpdf xproto xproxymanagementprotocol xrandr xrdb xscreensaver xset
xsetroot xterm xtrans xulrunner xv xvid xvid4conf xzgv yasm zip zlib zsh

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