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--- Comment #2 from David Brown <dmlb2000 at gmail.com>  2009-08-25 20:14:48 ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> One thing I noticed.  You included the ACML_MANUAL_DOWNLOAD file, but it's
> never actually used.  Also, z-rejected spells have other variables that are
> used when sourcing $GRIMOIRE/REJECTED_MSG in PREPARE so that custom messages
> aren't normally needed since it will ask one to download the source themself.
> Of course, this would probably have been easier to explain if we had documented
> z-rejected processes in the first place.
> I'll fix this spell up tomorrow.  As a recommendation, please view examples of
> other spells, though (o^_~)b

Yeah developing spells out of my local grimoire doesn't have the luxury of
having the same state as the main grimoire. Those are easy files to add though
and the ACML_MANUAL_DOWNLOAD just got caught in there somehow in the tar, It's
definitely removable.

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