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--- Comment #1 from Treeve Jelbert <treeve at scarlet.be>  2009-08-18 14:35:35 ---
there is some information about compatible sane versions on the xsane website.

2009 Feb 16: XSane compatibility to the recent sane-backends development
 There has been a discussion about the SANE-2 standard since many years. A good
proposal for SANE-2 has been written. But almost all software developers who
created the SANE-1 standard and the SANE-1 implementation already had left the
SANE project at that time. In spring 2008 some (mostly new) software developers
wanted to make the next step for SANE, but they did not want to invest the
necessary work and time for SANE-2. So they started working on SANE-1.1. 
 You may ask why is it a problem if we call it SANE-1.1 or SANE-2? The answer
is simple: In the SANE-1 standard it is defined that an incompatible version
needs a new major version number. So when there is anything that is not
compatible to the SANE-1 standard then it has to be named SANE-2. This way the
new library would be named sane2 instead of sane and it would be simple to
define if a program is compatible to sane or sane2. Calling it SANE-1.1 (with
library name sane) with incompatible things to SANE-1.0 will mess up

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