[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 15167] new spell: devicekit-power -- needed by gnome-power-manager

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Mon Apr 20 04:00:16 EDT 2009


--- Comment #3 from Finn Haedicke <finn_haedicke at gmx.net>  2009-04-20 03:00:12 ---
Sorry, my bad. I assumed the applet gnome-power-manager belongs to
Checking again I noticed it belongs to gnome-power-manager... Doh!

So to verify the dependency I dispelled devicekit-power and ran
gnome-power-manager from a Terminal. The results are dbus  complaining errors
on missing "org.freedesktop.DeviceKit.Power":

finn at fn: killall gnome-power-manager 
finn at fn: gnome-power-manager

**(gnome-power-manager:8088): WARNING **: Error invoking GetAll() to get
properties: The name org.freedesktop.DeviceKit.power ist not provided by any 
.service files


So I think gnome-power-manager assumes DeviceKit-power is included in

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