[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 14726] Flickering broblem: GTK+ >=2.13 and xrandr from xorg-server

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--- Comment #7 from Elisamuel Resto <ryuji at sourcemage.org>  2008-09-13 10:40:43 ---
(In reply to comment #6)
> yes, but as I said before, it means that 2.14 still isn't the only branch
> supported by the gtk+ devs. I already told that @irc: look at the releases, the
> only known situation was in 2005, when the last release of the previous branch
> was out after the new branch was tagged. 2.8 => 2.10 => 2.12 were pretty clean
> -- the first release from newer branch was out _after_ the last one of the
> previous branch.

Maintainability status is out of the question on this issue. This centers on
the fact that test is for testing software introduced in our grimoire and if
they are not ready for stable when the -rc's are cut then those particular
changes can be held back like gcc releases have been getting filtered.

The reasons for this revert are still paper-thin, as this affects a subset of
users, and that other developers have yet to experience this bug itself, well,
not that there is chance to TEST it since it was reverted.

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