[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 14726] Flickering broblem: GTK+ >=2.13 and xrandr from xorg-server

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Sat Sep 13 10:14:37 EDT 2008


--- Comment #6 from Vlad Glagolev <stealth at sourcemage.org>  2008-09-13 09:14:37 ---
yes, but as I said before, it means that 2.14 still isn't the only branch
supported by the gtk+ devs. I already told that @irc: look at the releases, the
only known situation was in 2005, when the last release of the previous branch
was out after the new branch was tagged. 2.8 => 2.10 => 2.12 were pretty clean
-- the first release from newer branch was out _after_ the last one of the
previous branch.

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