[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 14912] gst-ffmpeg fails to build against ffmpeg (not -svn)

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--- Comment #1 from p3pilot <gsherwood at sourcemage.org>  2008-11-26 16:35:44 ---
Might be very difficult to fix given this warning:

configure: WARNING:
   WARNING: you have chosen to build gst-ffmpeg against a random
   external version of ffmpeg instead of building it against the tested
   internal ffmpeg snapshot that is included with gst-ffmpeg.

   This is a very bad idea.  So bad in fact that words cannot express
   just how bad it is.  Suffice to say that it is BAD.

   The GStreamer developers cannot and will not support a gst-ffmpeg
   built this way.  Any bug reports that indicate there is an external
   version of ffmpeg involved will be closed immediately without further

   The reason such a setup can't be supported is that the ffmpeg API
   and ABI is in constant flux, yet there aren't any official releases
   of the ffmpeg library to develop against.  This makes it impossible
   to guarantee that gst-ffmpeg will work reliably, or even compile,
   with a randomly picked version ffmpeg.  Even if gst-ffmpeg compiles
   and superficially appears to work fine against your chosen external
   ffmpeg version, that might just not be the case on other systems, or
   even the same system at a later time, or when using decoders,
   encoders, demuxers or muxers that have not been tested.

   Please do not create or distribute binary packages of gst-ffmpeg
   that link against an external ffmpeg. Thank you!

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