[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 14522] New: samba 3.0.28a/3.0.29 fail to compile with python support using gcc 4.3.0

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Sat May 24 02:17:47 EDT 2008


           Summary: samba 3.0.28a/3.0.29 fail to compile with python support
                    using gcc 4.3.0
           Product: Codex
           Version: test grimoire
          Platform: All
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: net
        AssignedTo: sm-grimoire-bugs at lists.ibiblio.org
        ReportedBy: sandalle at sourcemage.org

# sorcery -v

$ gaze version gcc
Grimoire  Section  Spell  Grimoire Version  Installed Version
--------  -------  -----  ----------------  -----------------
test      gnu      gcc    4.3.0             4.3.0

# cast samba
Computing previously installed dependencies...
samba preparing environment...
samba running configuration...
[[ Enable Active Directory Support ?
(Requires openldap and krb5) -> n ]]
[[ Build CIFS support (for Windows 2003)? -> y ]]
[[ Do you want to install mount tools suid root? -> n ]]
[[ Enable disk-quota support? -> n ]]
Samba can use samba-vfs with a virus scanner,
You will still have to select which scanner to use.
[[ Do you want to add support for on-acces virus scannning? -> y ]]
Install init script samba? [y]
Enable init script samba? [n]
Install xinetd script swat? [y]
Enable xinetd script swat? [n]
Install xinetd script netbios-ssn? [y]
Enable xinetd script netbios-ssn? [n]
Install xinetd script netbios-ns? [y]
Enable xinetd script netbios-ns? [n]
samba has an optional dependency on xinetd (for swat netbios-ssn netbios-ns)
Do you want to use xinetd? [y]
samba checking dependencies...
samba has a dependency on e2fsprogs
samba has a dependency on libcap
samba has a dependency on popt
samba has an optional dependency on openldap (for LDAP support)
Do you want to cast openldap? [n]
samba has an optional dependency on readline (for readline support)
Do you want to use readline? [y]
samba has an optional dependency on linux-pam (To enable PAM authentication)
Do you want to cast linux-pam? [n]
samba has an optional dependency on some CUPS (for Samba support in CUPS).
        (0)     [none]
        (1)     cups     (installed)
        (2)     cups-old

Which one do you want? [1]
samba has an optional dependency on python (library for Samba support in Python)
Do you want to use python? [y]
samba has an optional dependency on some SYSTEM-LOGGER (enables logging though a
syslog daemon).
       (0)     [none]
        (1)     metalog  (installed)
        (2)     sysklogd
        (3)     syslog-ng

Which one do you want? [1]
gcc -pthread -shared -pie -z combreloc -s -Wl,-O1 -z combreloc -s -Wl,-O1
-march=nocona -
/py_spoolss.o build/temp.linux-x86_64-2.5/python/py_common.o
python/py_conv.o build/temp.linux-x86_64-2.5/python/py_ntsec.o
build/temp.linux-x86_64-2.5/python/py_spoolss_forms.o build/
y_spoolss_drivers.o build/temp.linux-x86_64-2.5/python/py_spoolss_drivers_conv.o
build/temp.linux-x86_64-2.5/python/py_spoolss_printerdata.o build/t
lss_ports_conv.o build/temp.linux-x86_64-2.5/python/py_spoolss_jobs.o
6_64-2.5/python/py_spoolss_jobs_conv.o dynconfig.o param/loadparm.o
param/params.o lib/sh
aresec.o lib/ldap_debug_handler.o lib/replace/replace.o lib/replace/snprintf.o
/talloc.o lib/version.o lib/charcnv.o lib/debug.o lib/fault.o lib/interface.o
lib/md4.o l
ib/interfaces.o lib/pidfile.o lib/signal.o lib/system.o lib/sendfile.o
lib/time.o lib/ufc
.o lib/genrand.o lib/username.o lib/util_pw.o lib/access.o lib/smbrun.o
lib/bitmap.o lib/
crc32.o lib/dprintf.o lib/xfile.o lib/wins_srv.o lib/util_str.o lib/clobber.o
d.o lib/util_uuid.o lib/util_unistr.o lib/util_file.o lib/data_blob.o lib/util.o
_sock.o lib/sock_exec.o lib/util_sec.o lib/substitute.o lib/fsusage.o
lib/ms_fnmatch.o li
b/select.o lib/messages.o lib/tallocmsg.o lib/dmallocmsg.o libsmb/smb_signing.o
 lib/hmacmd5.o lib/arc4.o lib/iconv.o nsswitch/wb_client.o nsswitch/wb_common.o
rrors.o intl/lang_tdb.o lib/adt_tree.o lib/gencache.o tdb/common/tdb.o
tdb/common/error.o tdb/common/freelist.o tdb/common/freelistcheck.o
tdb/common/io.o tdb/c
ommon/lock.o tdb/common/open.o tdb/common/transaction.o tdb/common/traverse.o
b.o tdb/common/tdbback.o lib/module.o lib/events.o lib/ldap_escape.o
lib/secdesc.o lib/ut
il_seaccess.o lib/secace.o lib/secacl.o libads/krb5_errs.o lib/system_smbd.o
lib/dummysmbd.o lib/dummyroot.o libsmb/clientgen.o libsmb/cliconnect.o
libsmb/clifile.o l
ibsmb/clikrb5.o libsmb/clispnego.o libsmb/asn1.o libsmb/clirap.o
libsmb/clierror.o libsmb
/climessage.o libsmb/clireadwrite.o libsmb/clilist.o libsmb/cliprint.o
libsmb/clisecdesc.o libsmb/clidgram.o libsmb/clistr.o libsmb/cliquota.o
o libsmb/clidfs.o libsmb/smberr.o libsmb/credentials.o libsmb/pwd_cache.o
libsmb/clioplock.o libsmb/errormap.o libsmb/clirap2.o libsmb/doserr.o
rpc_parse/parse_prs.o rpc_parse/parse_misc.o rpc_parse/parse_sec.o
libsmb/nterr.o libsmb/dcerpc_err.o libsmb/smbdes.o libsmb/smbencrypt.o
libsmb/ntlm_check.o libsmb/ntlmssp.o libsmb/ntlmssp_parse.o
libsmb/ntlmssp_sign.o libsmb/unexpected.o libsmb/namecache.o libsmb/nmblib.o
libsmb/namequery.o libsmb/conncache.o libads/dns.o rpc_parse/parse_lsa.o
rpc_parse/parse_rpc.o rpc_parse/parse_net.o rpc_parse/parse_srv.o
rpc_parse/parse_samr.o rpc_parse/parse_ds.o rpc_parse/parse_spoolss.o
rpc_parse/parse_eventlog.o rpc_parse/parse_buffer.o rpc_parse/parse_ntsvcs.o
rpc_parse/parse_svcctl.o registry/reg_objects.o rpc_parse/parse_dfs.o
rpc_parse/parse_reg.o rpc_parse/parse_echo.o rpc_parse/parse_shutdown.o
rpc_client/cli_lsarpc.o rpc_client/cli_samr.o rpc_client/cli_netlogon.o
rpc_client/cli_srvsvc.o rpc_client/cli_reg.o rpc_client/cli_pipe.o
rpc_client/cli_spoolss.o rpc_client/cli_spoolss_notify.o rpc_client/cli_ds.o
rpc_client/cli_svcctl.o rpc_client/cli_shutdown.o rpc_client/cli_dfs.o
rpc_client/cli_echo.o librpc/gen_ndr/cli_wkssvc.o librpc/gen_ndr/ndr_wkssvc.o
librpc/gen_ndr/ndr_notify.o librpc/ndr/ndr_basic.o librpc/ndr/ndr.o
librpc/ndr/ndr_misc.o librpc/ndr/ndr_sec_helper.o librpc/ndr/ndr_string.o
librpc/ndr/sid.o rpc_client/ndr.o passdb/pdb_get_set.o passdb/passdb.o
passdb/pdb_interface.o passdb/util_wellknown.o passdb/util_builtin.o
passdb/pdb_compat.o passdb/util_unixsids.o passdb/lookup_sid.o
passdb/login_cache.o passdb/pdb_ldap.o passdb/pdb_nds.o passdb/pdb_smbpasswd.o
passdb/pdb_tdb.o lib/account_pol.o lib/privileges.o lib/util_nscd.o
groupdb/mapping.o groupdb/mapping_tdb.o passdb/secrets.o passdb/machine_sid.o
libads/kerberos.o libads/ads_status.o lib/smbldap.o lib/smbldap_util.o
-L/usr/kerberos/lib -L/usr/lib -lcrypt -lcap -lresolv -lnsl -ldl -lldap -llber
-lgssapi_krb5 -lkrb5 -lk5crypto -lcom_err -lresolv -ldl -lldap -llber
-lpython2.5 -o build/lib.linux-x86_64-2.5/samba/spoolss.so
usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-pc-linux-gnu/4.3.0/../../../../lib/Scrt1.o: In function `_start':
(.text+0x20): undefined reference to `main'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1
make: *** [python_ext] Error 1

Disabling python support allows samba to compile. Works fine with or without
python support using gcc 4.2.3.

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