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------- Additional Comments From wich at stack.nl  2008-05-13 14:11 -------
Just had this; gmp and mpfr not installed gcc/g++ at version 4.2.2

Upgrading to gcc/g++ 4.3.0 with cast gcc g++ will try to cast mpfr first.

Attached a log of the cast and a super debug of the cast. 

Note how gcc forces a recast of mpfr, while mpfr is not installed. I removed 
the force by adding a spell_ok mpfr in the mpfr version check in the gcc 
DEPENDS, but that did not resolve the problem.

Disabling the g++ dependency of gmp, does indeed break the cyclic dependency 
and make gmp cast before mpfr.

We should do something about this though, this will hit people upgrading from 
an older stable to 0.21 when it is released.

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