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------- Additional Comments From jevv.cr at gmail.com  2008-03-30 11:47 -------
OK, I'm adding them here, because they are kind of tricky, :)...

psmisc:  This is to help kill the daemon if detecting the pid fails (as things
are now that detection will fail since the init scripts defines as LOCKFILE
/var/run/lpd, but it happens that the file used is
/var/run/lpd.<something_else>).  I added in the init script then that if the pid
is empty AND if the killall executable file exists, then simply do killall lpd.
 killall is provided by psmisc.  As the executable is examined to be present,
then having psmisc is NOT a must (although that's the only way with the current
init to kill lpd), but so far is the easiest way I found to kill pdl, :).

magicfilter2:  This is not really a dependency.  It's the opposite, :).  I don't
know how to include SUGGESTIONS, but that's what it is if it's not installed
already.  Actually magicfilter MUST be compiled/installed after LPRng is, since
upon LPRng detection magicfilter limits several things NOT supported under LPRng
spooling system.  The reason I left it there is in case some one else knows how
to do what the real intention is. The combination LPRng+magicfilter is IMHO very
powerful and easy to set (so the suggestion is a good one I believe)...  Here
it's my attempt.  If magicfilter is NOT installed, then suggest it so its spell
is casted AFTER LPRng is (and only if LPRng spell is successful).  But if
magicfilter is installed already, recast it after LPRng succeeds (this is a
must, becuase it'll detect LPRng spooling system).  As a side note, I suggest
magicfilter2 and NOT magicfilter because magicfilter is broken, at least in my
box (under test grimoire), and as magicfilter2 is a working spell, I didn't
bother looking on how to fix magicfilter.

As a last comment, I didn't want to patch lpd.conf, but in order for things to
work the daemon group most probably needs to be changed from daemon to something
else.  If the printer is a parallel port one, most probably the daemon needs to
run as "lp" so that it can access /dev/lp0, /dev/lp1, etc...  As the port group
access might vary from box to box, the authors probably left by default
"daemon", and that needs to be manually changed after casting on the
configuration file lpd.conf...  I thought of patching this so that automatically
the group lp is used, but I don't know what other groups might be required for
different printers hooked to different boxes, so I better left that as the
original authors did, :)...

BTW:  I forgot to include CONFLICTS.  I believe in a box there can't be 2
spooling systems installed at the same time, so cups, gnu-lpr and LPRng should
all conflict I believe...

I'm sorry I couldn't do better before sending the spell in the 3 things I just
commented on.



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