[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 13505] useradd and adduser should be improved/fixed; shadow config files

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------- Additional Comments From BearPerson at gmx.net  2008-03-22 17:22 -------
I'm not sure what the status on this is between the grimoires, but as it is 
currently, it affects isos.
Right now, we have to tell users to explicitly specify -d to create their user, 
which sucks.
Alternatively, we could create /home/users (something FHS doesn't tell us to) 
or modify the shadow conf file to use /home as base dir.

Also, we need to work on our GID/UID's. The way it is now, users gets shipped 
as gid 1000, so the first UID is 1000, the first GID is 1001; making the 
default someuser:someuser group creation become 1000:1001, causing things to go 
somewhat funny.

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