[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 14347] Adding new spell "gphotofs"

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------- Additional Comments From jevv.cr at gmail.com  2008-03-09 01:26 -------
I just learned a couple of things.  1st, the only compilation option that comes
by default by sorcery is strip.  And there's no -O* implied by it.  2nd, the
gphotfs source compiles OK with -O3 as well.

The reason I'm not getting -O2 is because I chose pentium-m as my architecture,
which for some reason is not setting -O2.  Most probably the architecture
selected by Julien sets -O2 in the CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS.

I don't want to use "--cflags, --cxxflags, --ldflag, --no-opts" because they
override the global ones set whether by architecture, sorcery optimizing option
(speed, strip, etc.), or sorcery CFLAG/CXXFLAG settings.

Although the patch is pretty robust, I'm thinking that if I add -O2 to the end
of the CFLAG/CXXFLAG settings under the Makefile, then it wouldn't be a problem,
because then if -O2 was set before nothing happens, and if -O3 was set before,
then -O3 prevails.  Problem might come if -O, -O1 or -O0 were set before, but I
don't think they are applied by any architecture, and I don't think that's a
common optimization setting...

That said, I tried having a BUILD file modifying Makefile, and it worked out OK.
 so I'm providing a spell DIFF for the test grimoire current one and the new one
with the BUILD file, which removes the patch, since I believe the preferred
thing to do is to avoid patches...

I believe the patch is a more robust solution, but the BUILD one seems OK as well...

I looked for a way to ADD (not to override) CFLAG/CXXFLAG options to a
particular spell, and didn't find anything, :(.

Please judge and let me know.

BTW, it looks like I need to add -O2 as a CFLAG/CXXFLAG by setting them on
sorcery if I want it to be a global setting, since pentium-m doesn't do it,
which is kind of sad...  If I do so, I'd need to rebuild everything.  Isn't that

Please notice that after modifying by applying the DIFF filee, it's possible
that BUILD comes with NO execution permissions, and if so, remember to add those...



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