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------- Additional Comments From jevv.cr at gmail.com  2008-03-08 17:08 -------
Well, at first I had in /etc/sysconfig/locale:


And everything else unset (Ithink this is the default set on smgl).  I just
changed that to:


And the effect is the same for this spell, which to my knowledge is expected.  I
mean, the failure indicates missing some defined things at locale.h, and
gphotofs.c doesn't include it...  Then there might be some differences in the
compilation flags?

Well, I compared the ./configure output against corresponding output for the
cast, and there's NO difference at all.

Then I compared the make output (which manually works) against corresponding
output for the cast, and I see some minor but maybe significant differences. 
For the manual make I see for CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS:

-g -O2

While for the cast I see:

-march=pentium-m -pipe

After several trials, I think I found the issue, although I do not understand it
yet.  -O2 is required (-g is not), but I don't understand why.

When I just remove on the Makefile "-g", the compilation still passes, but when
I remove "-O2" it fails.  "-g" just provides debug information, so I understand
it shouldn't affect, thus I understand why it doesn't affect.

When I remove "-O2" from Makefile, I get the same failure.  This I don't
understand, because -O, -O1 and -O2 are supposed to just increase the
optimizations levels, not to affect the way the "inclusions" are performed.  So
this is kind of a weird to me.

After all this, I tried the smgl options plus -O2 on the CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS,
"-m-arch=pentium-m -pipe -O2", and things worked OK again.

The reason "-O2" doesn't show up on the smgl cast, I think is due to the fact
that I configured sorcery so that it doesn't include optimization flags.  That's
a decision I made because I misunderstood the sorcery configuration concept... 
I thought by not including it I wouldn't include the flag if it wasn't included
by default by the original source, but I didn't imagine it could remove it if it
was present by default on the original source.  That's my bad, although I think
my supposition is not that illogical...  Here there come 2 questions then:

1)  Can sorcery have an optimization flag option indicating something like
"Keeping source flags and options ONLY".  This is what I wanted on the 1st place.

2)  I want for this particular spell to specify to ADD the "-O2" flag, whether
by adding it to the sorcery ones, or by overwriting the sorcery one with the
same sorcery one + "-O2".  Is there a way to do it?  I don't want to modify my
sorcery options because of a particular spell requirement.

If I can include in the spell a way to add "-O2" to the sorcery CFLAGS and
CXXFLAGS just for it, then I think that's the solution I'd like.  Please let me
know how to do it, and I'll provide a patch for the spell after trying it, :).



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