[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 14349] New: moc ffmpeg.c has the wrong path for include avformat.h

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Sun Mar 2 21:51:16 EST 2008


           Summary: moc ffmpeg.c has the wrong path for include avformat.h
           Product: Codex
           Version: test grimoire
          Platform: x86
        OS/Version: Linux
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: audio-players
        AssignedTo: sm-grimoire-bugs at lists.ibiblio.org
        ReportedBy: jevv.cr at gmail.com

Well, it happens that after casting ffmpeg-svn, and when enabled it on moc cast,
it fails:

ffmpeg.c:25:29: error: ffmpeg/avformat.h: No such file or directory
ffmpeg.c:41: error: expected specifier-qualifier-list before 'AVFormatParameters'
ffmpeg.c: In function 'ffmpeg_init':
ffmpeg.c:56: warning: implicit declaration of function 'av_register_all'

A lot of errors follow of course, :)...  A performed then:

% find /usr -name avformat.h

And it indicates that avformat.h should be find with <libavformat/avformat.h>,
so I made a patch and it worked out great.

I then modified the original spell and added the patch, re-casted moc, and then
it worked, :)...

I'm providing the diff between the new spell and the old one, hoping the fix
gets into test eventually, :).



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