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--- Comment #11 from Elisamuel Resto <ryuji at sourcemage.org>  2008-07-29 17:58:33 ---
>From the debian patch for dhcpcd:
> dhcpcd doesn't support a config file, just command line options.
> ifup can set some  options (-h -i -I -l) but no others.
> This wrapper adds any other options set in /etc/default/dhcpcd
> (and the hostname if not set by ifup or /etc/default/dhcpcd) and
> then calls the dhcpcd binary, named dhcpcd-bin.

I agree with Ethan, but then again, dhcpcd is not as flexible as one would want
it to be. It supports a few oddjob things that normal dhcp clients don't, but
it doesn't make use a config file. It doesn't surprise me with the
ever-increasing movement of software developers towards some sort of persistent
configuration method that doesn't involve user-editable configuration files.

In ifupdown we cannot have the liberty we had with our old method of bringing
up interfaces, and I personally favour ifupdown coupled with pump. I've been
meaning to make a DHCP-CLIENT provider, and make pump, dhcp (provides dhclient)
and dhcpcd (I believe there also was udhcpc or something like that, but it's
ancient, at least, the pages I saw) the spells that provide it.

In regards to the wrapper, we don't exactly have to break our policy to not
modify how upstream does things, even though a wrapper script is bug-prone. I
explain myself: ifup/ifdown looks for the dhcp client binaries in /sbin, we
could install to /usr/sbin and the wrappers to /sbin, but there's a caveat:
whoever has their /usr mounted via NFS will break their setups.

Also, ifup/ifdown has a order in which they use the clients, if multiple
clients are found, I also believe that multiple dhcp clients can co-exist so
the DHCP-CLIENT provider seems like the best solution, and have spells that
specifically need dhcpcd to depend on it without any real issues, and users
that require more specific options for their clients can do so with a more
appropriate client.

Comments? suggestions? ideas? I'd be willing to go through the spells with some
help to find those spells that need a specific client, and implement the
DHCP-CLIENT provider...

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