[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 14595] basesystem chroot needs /etc cleaned properly

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--- Comment #2 from Justin Boffemmyer <flux at sourcemage.org>  2008-07-22 05:51:19 ---
I'm quite aware that they are not generated for cauldron. However, any user who
wishes to make use of the basesystem chroots will run into the same problem(s)
if the /etc directory is not properly clean/sane. This is the reason I am
asking for it to be cleaned up. If the problem only affected cauldron and no
one else, then I would just file a bug under cauldron and make sure that we
took care of it (which we will anyway), but since it also affects others I
think the root of the problem should be fixed. When I have time (perhaps this
coming weekend, I'm not sure) I'll dig through the bug lists and my notes both
for the current ISO and the previous ones and come up with a list of all the
things that need to be cleaned up. And as for generating cleanly inside of Xen,
it would fix the problem *if* the person generating did not insert lots of
custom things into the /etc directory, or at least if they kept track of
everything they were inserting... We're talking about a custom udev rule here!

Oh, one thing I remember is the hostname being set to smgl-chroot (which is OK,
but better if not set). There's also /etc/resolv.conf being set as well. Again,
I'll compile a list later when I have time to go through everything.

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