[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 14689] ltrace depends on LIBELF

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--- Comment #2 from Fredrik Carlström <fredrik.carlstrom at tele2.se>  2008-08-27 18:00:27 ---
(In reply to comment #1)
> $ gaze provides LIBELF
> elfutils
> libelf
> ltrace should works with both elfutils and libelf, you can choose
> please could you try it with elfutils

I get
# gaze provides LIBELF
no providers found

That must be because test is not my primary grimoire. When I swap test to
become first in queue, I get the same result as you. But when I just do a
"scribbler add ltrace test local" I get no providers found and can't cast the
spell. If I swap them I can cast the spell,  but elfutils fails with:

"ldgeneric.c:(.text+0x1796): undefined reference to `__elf_getdata_internal'" 

The stable version of elfutils fails with 

"ldgeneric.c:163: error: redefinition of 'linked_from_dso_p'"

Before I can test how ltrace installs against elfutils. I must get elfutils to
work. (ltrace installs fine with libelf).

> btw, so many bugs from you, do not want to join our team and fix them yourself?
> :-)

Perhaps later. I want to mess around a bit more with the code on my own box
first. I wouldn't want to do anything stupid, like changing LIBELF to libelf or
something like that. When I feel a bit more at home with Source Mage I'll
gladly make a mess of things :-)

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