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--- Comment #9 from Martin Spitzbarth <m.spitzbarth at gmx.de>  2008-08-22 10:26:05 ---
I have just cast mysql 5.0.67 from test-0.25 for the first time on this
particular machine and can reproduce the bugreport to some extend.
mysql_install_db does indeed create the directory /var/lib/mysql, but the
server still won't start because it doesn't have the privileges to write to the
pid file /var/lib/mysql/$HOSTNAME.pid,
unless you use "mysql_install_db --user=mysql" to create the tables. This
command is listed in the post-installation procedures of the mysql
documentation. After the latter command, our init script start the server
without issues.

The question with that is to what extent do we pre-configure the spells for the
user. In my personal point of view we give the user what he would get by a
manual ./configure && make && make install, and it is up to the user to make a
running configuration out of it. As I am most likely not the only person with
an opinion, I will leave this bug open.

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