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--- Comment #24 from Thomas Orgis <sobukus at sourcemage.org>  2008-08-22 10:13:03 ---
We discussed a bit at COME-1 ... consensus was a spell that installs a database
(perhaps just text file copies) of installed files per spell and basically
offers `gaze from` on that.
There could be an extra database only for end user executables for really quick
search for the corresponding spell.

Database would come from ledger, which needs more effective ways to get filled
with data with less fuss.

Personally, I am against polluting the shell with aliases or the filesystem
with symlinks; it can have side effects and it is unnecessary. Though, I
remember asking an IRC bot for

!from /bla/blu

Many times... since `gaze from` doesn't work for not installed spells.
Perhaps BearPerson will come up with something on the database side... lace
also looks eagerish on ledger hacking;-)

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