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--- Comment #8 from Thomas Orgis <sobukus at sourcemage.org>  2008-08-22 05:42:52 ---
This issue is (mostly) resolved nowadays.
We have spells creating the users they need; I myself spent many commits on
that (having installs that never saw the /etc/passwd from the ISO.

If there are spells left that do not create the users they need, they have an
individual bug and need to be fixed. But there shouldn't be many of them left:
I created chroots via casting into it and then, accepting the fact that
useradd/groupadd only works on /etc, not $INSTALL_ROOT/etc (yeah, different
bug, sort of), rebuilt everything from inside.
My aim was that this procedure results in a complete user/group database as
needed by the chroot inside the chroot.

One notable point is that the smgl-fhs spell creates $INSTALL_ROOT/etc/passwd
with a root account line in it directly, so that the useradd inside the chroot
actually works to add further accounts.
Having some definition of root is _very_ important.

Well, point of this long speech is:

1. The issue of missing base accounts is (should be) taken care of in the
spells needing the accounts (definitions have been added to $GRIMOIRE/accounts,
2. The issue of accounts not being created inside a to-be chroot could be
resolved using castfs... or hacking shadow for that.

3. This bug here can be closed, IMHO.

I am waiting for comments on point 3...

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