[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 14352] kdeaddons-3.5.8 fails to compile

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Mon Apr 14 05:04:25 EDT 2008


------- Additional Comments From ivan.lezhnjov.jr at gmail.com  2008-04-14 04:04 -------
No and yes.

% gaze activity | grep kdeaddons

20080403:1551(+0000)    summon  kdeaddons       3.5.9   success
20080404:1113(+0000)    summon  kdeaddons       3.5.9   success
20080404:1113(+0000)    cast    kdeaddons       3.5.9   start
20080404:1132(+0000)    cast    kdeaddons       3.5.9   failure
20080404:1632(+0000)    summon  kdeaddons       3.5.9   success
20080404:2041(+0000)    summon  kdeaddons       3.5.9   success
20080404:2050(+0000)    summon  kdeaddons       3.5.9   success
20080405:1320(+0000)    summon  kdeaddons       3.5.9   success
20080405:1551(+0000)    summon  kdeaddons       3.5.9   success
20080405:1607(+0000)    cast    kdeaddons       3.5.9   start
20080405:1618(+0000)    dispel  kdeaddons       3.5.8   success
20080405:1619(+0000)    cast    kdeaddons       3.5.9   success

Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly the reason why it first failed and why
it then recompiled but since my 'sorcery system-rebuild' sessions always fail
and cleanse is run I bet what happened was:

a) sorcery system-rebuild failed to build version 3.5.9
b) at some point cleanse was run and that fixed something
c) then cast --queue succeeded and kdeaddons 3.5.9 got cast

Guess this doesn't help much but that's all I've got left in my memory.

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