[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 14433] net/pump: initial commit didnt install things properly

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Thu Apr 3 20:15:00 EDT 2008


------- Additional Comments From sandalle at sourcemage.org  2008-04-03 19:15 -------
Integrated to stable-rc-0.20 with commits
dee207d47d8f9fc85cc51c74b4fc24b89675f0e5 (removed newt dependency),
2b01228a7c2ce6956ee066e19a35fa5f2b8aeeaa (install all files),
f06bd63cadb223d353c1ee949c728c30053d5a4a (install pump to /sbin), and
27e0c4c813ca0ad851902515eae851245ec0e741 (PATCHLEVEL++).

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