[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 14003] lm_sensors init script install prompt always default to [n]

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Thu Sep 20 11:40:22 EDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From MatthewClark at InLesserTerms.net  2007-09-20 10:40 -------
The lm_sensors spell has an option in the sorcery feature menu?  You must be
confused on what I am reporting.

Other spells with init scripts, like alsa and kdebase, remember my choice for
init.  For as long as I've had this particular PC, lm_sensors always prompted me
if I want to install the init script, and it has always defaulted to [n].  I
have't seen any other spell with an init script behave this way.

It is very possible that I am just an idiot.

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