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------- Additional Comments From julien at rozo.org  2007-09-02 12:28 -------
>From http://kde.me.uk/index.php?page=kde-technology-interviews-pykde :

"What is the relationship between the versions of PyKDE on
riverbankcomputing.co.uk and the version in kdebindings?

I've never been able to schedule my PyKDE work reliably enough to stay in sync
with KDE's release schedules, so I've avoided putting PyKDE in the KDE CVS.
Fortunately, Simon Edwards was able to repackage PyKDE and maintain the
kdebindings part of it, and I really appreciate the work he's put in to that.

The kdebindings version lags my version of PyKDE by a little, but since KDE has
matured, the changes between versions of kdelibs have become less significant. I
don't see that as a problem for 99% of potential users or applications."

I updated pykde spell according to this, making it conflicting with kdebindings.

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