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------- Additional Comments From julien at rozo.org  2007-09-01 08:41 -------
(In reply to comment #16)
> make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/PyKDE-3.16.0/kmdi'
> Creating compile log /var/log/sorcery/compile/pykde-3.16.0.bz2
> It doesn't look like BUILD/make finished completely as the last output is not 
> from the toplevel dir. It is from the last subdir though.
> But even if the Makefile is buggy and some error didn't get propagated through, 
> the cast didn't continue with INSTALL, yet succeded in the end. Wierd and 
> perhaps deadly stuff.

Running "make" command manually stops exactly at the same line as the "make"
command from the spell.

> Things you can try:
> cast --no-opts pykde #disables passing of optimisation flags

nothing changes :(

> cd /usr/src/pykde*; make # does it try to build something again or was it done 
> already?

When doing two "make" in a row, the second says all the files are up to date. I
tried that already with one make in the BUILD script, and one make in the
INSTALL script (a la PyQT spell). But it was before you pointed out that the
INSTALL script isn't called.
So I had the second make in the BUILD script instead.

> compare the Makefiles generated from the manual run and from sorcery

no difference seen

> btw, is that ok that it says it will build it for kde 3.5.3 - does it do the 
> same when building manually?

yes, the manual "configure" says the same thing about kde version

The only thing that works for now, is adding "make install" in the BUILD script,
  but I see no good reason to do it, and no reason why the INSTALL script isn't
called (I verified before that the script is executable of course :) )

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