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------- Additional Comments From sandalle at sourcemage.org  2007-10-18 00:06 -------
$ gaze version shadow

With the new shadow, packages such as hal fail to install:
# cast hal
make[1]: Leaving directory `/usr/src/hal-'
Preparing to install hal
was previously modified by SA?
Therefore, it was not reaped.

Dispelled spell: hal
useradd: invalid numeric argument 'haldaemon'
The user id 133 created!
The group name cdrom with id 24 has been created!
The group name burning with id 129 has been created!
usermod: invalid numeric argument 'disk'
Creating compile log /var/log/sorcery/compile/hal- 

# dispel --nosustain -d shadow 4.0.17
Dispelled spell: shadow
Downgraded: shadow  to version 4.0.1

# cast -c hal
Creating cache file /var/cache/sorcery/hal-
Finished processing install requests.

Spells installed successfully:

Reverting commit cf7af0e2dd51622e0eeb28acdebe7d737ce8b4eb in test with commit

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