[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 13998] acpi-support spell from debian package

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------- Additional Comments From ruskie+smbugs at mages.ath.cx  2007-10-16 02:25 -------
I'll try to get this working but first here are the minor mistakes:

DETAILS: BUILD_API=2 is not necessary in official grimoires
BUILD: it's already in $SOURCE_DIRECTORY
INSTALL: it's supposed to be in $SOURCE_DIRECTORY as well
         a suggestion for INSTALL files... add -v flags to commands so that the
         user actually sees that something is happening
         tabs outside of the HISTORY file are not permited
Why is acpi-support_0.103-1__add.diff necessary? we don't install those script
but install the ones in the init.d directory. Also our core environment is bash
so recommended is to use [[ ]] instead of [ ]

The HISTORY file goes into reverse...

Latest change at the top(it's a ChangeLog) and one empty line between two full
entries, also list files changed per entry...(recommend you examin some other
spells on how they use it)

Also HISTORY is not +x in spells...

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