[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 13771] Glibc can`t install libidn

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Fri May 11 06:00:43 EDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From hgr at vabo.cz  2007-05-11 05:00 -------
Seems you use 2.4 kernel, why not 2.6?
Most of us use linux kernel 2.6, glibc 2.4 with heades, you are trying
to build glibc-2.3.6 with 2.4.24-kernel-headers?

Or something with NPTL, did you swith it off? Or do you use i386-pc-linux-gnu?

>From PREPARE file:

if  [[  $(uname -r)  =  2.6.*  ]];  then
  if  test  "$HOST" == "i386-pc-linux-gnu"; then
    message "[[ ${QUERY_COLOR}Not building with NPTL as that's unsupported on
i386; use i486 or higher.${DEFAULT} ]]"
    config_set_option GLIBC_NPTL n
    config_query  GLIBC_NPTL  "As you are running a 2.6 kernel, would you like
to use the new nptl (Native Posix Thread Libary)?"  y
    config_query  GLIBC_USEIDN  "Would you like to compile glibc with libidn
support?" y
fi  &&

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