[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 13630] cast of sdl_ttf fails: freetype/internal/ftobjs.h: No such file or directory

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Sun Mar 18 11:36:32 EDT 2007


------- Additional Comments From m.spitzbarth at gmx.de  2007-03-18 09:36 -------
Thomas, you were right. It didn't come to my mind to search in freetype2, I just
searched the bug database of sdl.

The freetype homepage has patches for various programs, including SDL_ttf:

I got sdl_ttf compiled by doing the following:

-------------begin bash input
delve -c start config_loc sdl_ttf
cd /usr/src/SDL_ttf-2.0.8/
patch -i SDL_ttf-2.0.7-noftinternals.patch
# here I typed in SDL_ttf.c as the file to patch manually
delve -c config_loc end sdl_ttf
-------------end bash input

I don't feel competent enough (yet) to integrate the patch into the grimoire by
myself, but I'm sure there is a guru who knows how to implement that.

I tested the installation of sdl_ttf by casting enigma2, which depends on it.
The cast failed, but there is a newer version available. Manually downloading
enigma2, ./configure && make && ./enigma worked fine after casting xerces-c. I
will file another bug for enigma2 for the version upgrade and the missing

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