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------- Additional Comments From tboatman2 at houston.rr.com  2007-01-29 22:06 -------
Problem is in FINAL...note AFTER successfully installing all the files...

xset fp rehash - it's attempting to reset the fontpath and force a reread of 
the X font database.  Quoting the xset man page "This is generally only used 
when adding new fonts to a font directory (after running mkfontdir  to  
recreate  the font database)."  

x3270 adds multiple fonts to the font directory, and rehashing the database is 
necessary for full functionality (i.e. the ability to change fonts within 
x3270).  The xset command will not fail if (and as far as I can tell only if) 
the cast is executed from an Xterm/eterm/your choice of terms here when root 
is logged directly into the X display.  It will, and should, fail in any other 

A hack fix is to simply remove FINAL.  x3270 would then properly show a 
successful install, and would function without being able to change the 
display font until the X server is restarted or the font table otherwise 
rehashed.  Obviously not intended behavior, but I'm not sure I see another 
option outside of "WONTFIX"

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