[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 13417] udev to replace hotplug on system-upgrade 0.4 -> 0.6

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Tue Jan 23 04:04:44 EST 2007


------- Additional Comments From iuso at sourcemage.org  2007-01-23 03:04 -------
(In reply to comment #5)
> > fab861e0cdece6d25436ba94396ca847e8e7919e
> In this commit there's a `VER > 6` in the UP_TRIGGERS conditional is that
> supposed to be VER2?

Whoops, you're right. I'll fix that asap (don't have a net connection at home 
right now, but I'll find a way).

> > 16abb7c0003dd583cbf711f468c6de96a0ded68a
> > 164d82d2ee88f52e5896075757b955579879ea82
> Could you actually trigger a dispel of hotplug when udev gets cast with
> these conditions?

There's a CONFLICTS in udev for weeding out hotplug. Unfortunately it also 
causes hotplug to be dispeled before we know if udev was properly cast. (I 
mentioned this in comment #1.)

A TRIGGERS in hotplug with 'on_cast udev dispel_self' would definitely be 
nice, but triggers aren't registered before the spell is cast. And bumping 
hotplug's PATCHLEVEL would mean we'd have to make sure it's cast before 
udev... ad nauseaum.

How about adding TRIGGERS and also REPAIR^all^TRIGGERS to hotplug? Would that 
cause the trigger to be added during the grimoire update? (Does stable sorcery 
even have the REPAIR^all feature yet?)

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