[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 10551] ntp: init fails if /var/chroot/ntp doesn't exist

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Fri Jan 19 21:28:45 EST 2007


------- Additional Comments From sobukus at sourcemage.org  2007-01-19 20:28 -------
Well, if we indeed hardcode that into the init script, then the spell simply 
should create /var/chroot/ntp.
Hm, or does this dir need to contain something? Well, ntpd wants to write to 
the driftfile...

Could treeve enlighten us with his config for where this spell works?
I just checked that I encountered this with my home ntp server and just 
commented out the user and jaildir part. I am not paranoid on ntp on this 
little home server...

A hotfix for the spell is to change the opts line to
That way it does actually work! It may not be the most secure setup, but if 
the user wants chroot, we will have to setup it (or the spell) and configure 
the init script (we should add sysconfig option for chroot/jaildir and user).

Hm, actually, I will do a commit now that does this since the init script 
cannot possibly work as it is and we should provide at least something that 
can work.
Then one can re-add proper support for chroot as sysconfig option and/or the 
spell offering to create /var/chroot/ntp .

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