[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 12808] grep recompile fails due to install-info: unknown option `--delete'

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Wed Jan 17 12:21:20 EST 2007


------- Additional Comments From samuel at dragonboricua.net  2007-01-17 11:21 -------
Well Jaka, I definetely don't see it here:

poseidon ~ # install-info --help
Usage: install-info [<options> ...] [--] <filename>

  --section <regexp> <title>
                           put the new entry in the <regex> matched section
                           or create a new one with <title> if non-existent.
  --menuentry=<text>       set the menu entry.
  --description=<text>     set the description to be used in the menu entry.
  --info-file=<path>       specify info file to install in the directory.
  --dir-file=<path>        specify file name of info directory file.
  --infodir=<directory>    same as '--dir-file=<directory>/dir'.
  --info-dir=<directory>   likewise.
  --keep-old               do not replace entries nor remove empty ones.
  --remove                 remove the entry specified by <filename> basename.
  --remove-exactly         remove the exact <filename> entry.
  --test                   enables test mode (no actions taken).
  --debug                  enables debug mode (show more information).
  --quiet                  do not show output messages.
  --help                   show this help message.
  --version                show the version.

poseidon ~ # install-info --version
Debian install-info version 1.13.24.

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