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------- Additional Comments From iuso at sourcemage.org  2007-01-17 06:09 -------
Added to test with commit 2d67fed537265eda2a667e96d8526b5ebfe4675e.

I made some modifications to your original. It's in the devel section, please 
have a look at it and take notice. Here's a summary of what I needed to 

- SOURCE_DIRECTORY should be the root dir of the source package, i.e. "astyle" 
not "astyle/src", even if the Makefile is in a subdirectory. You can do 'cd 
src; make' in BUILD.
- 'install ${BUILD_DIRECTORY}/${INSTALL_ROOT}/astyle ${INSTALL_ROOT}/usr/bin' 
is wrong. INSTALL_ROOT is the root of the _target_ 
system. It's never in the middle of a path, and also it's never used in the 
source path. Because BUILD happened inside $BUILD_DIRECTORY/src/, we're 
already there when INSTALL is run, so you can simply do 'install 
astyle "$INSTALL_ROOT/usr/bin/"'.
- Don't use tabs in any other spell files than HISTORY, use two spaces for 
- A doc dir inside the sources shouldn't be installed by INSTALL; sorcery has 
a feature called GATHER_DOCS for toggling whether to install docs or not 
during cast.
- Wrap your lines to a maximum of 80 chars (long description in DETAILS).
- Enclosing all paths with variables inside double quotes "" is a good idea; 
it's theoretically possible that $INSTALL_ROOT may contain spaces.

Hope you're not intimidated by the feedback, thanks a lot for the spell. :)

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