[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 13114] simpleinit doesn't stop services during shutdown on recent kernels

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Tue Feb 27 11:31:25 EST 2007


------- Additional Comments From jblosser-smgl at firinn.org  2007-02-27 10:31 -------
1) Yes, that's where it's pausing.

2) I don't think we need to work on this through shutdown, initctl -r -f from
the command line seems to be having the same effects.  That should make it
easier to debug.

3) After doing initctl -r -f manually, I get no messages and still get the
ERESTARTNOHAND, but some services do appear to be stopped afterward.  So right
now I'm really not sure what the actual effects are.  I'm going to do things
like put in a 10 minute sleep in place of the suspend, add some logging to file
to some init scripts, etc. to try to figure out just WTF is even happening, let
alone the why it's happening.

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