[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 13500] hal cannot find libvolume_id >= 0.61

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Tue Feb 13 11:20:12 EST 2007


------- Additional Comments From iuso at sourcemage.org  2007-02-13 10:20 -------
This came up on #sourcemage. Libvolume_id is from udev and is only installed 
when the volume_id build target is enabled. So at least one of 
UDEV_PERSIST_STORAGE and UDEV_EXTRAS needs to be 'y' in udev.

Therefore hal needs a sub-dependency on libvolume_id. I'm not sure whether we 
should make SUB_DEPENDS only add the volume_id target (the persistent variable 
for extra build targets is _EXTRAS_TARG), or if the sub-dependency should 
enforce the entire UDEV_EXTRAS option.

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