[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 13428] coreutils and util-linux both install /bin/kill and its man page

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Sat Feb 10 18:24:40 EST 2007


------- Additional Comments From sobukus at sourcemage.org  2007-02-10 17:24 -------
00:17 < sobukus> oh, on my stable-rc chroot it's kill from util-linux
00:21 < sobukus> Makefile:# For example, you may prefer the /bin/kill from 
util-linux or 
00:21 < sobukus> Makefile:#SKIP     := $(bin)kill $(man1)kill.1
00:21 < sobukus> that's procps Makefile
00:22 < sobukus> so perhaps we should indeed follow the hint and look for 
coreutils or 
00:23 < sobukus> util-linux being the old established one and coreutils 
bearing a 
                 reimplementation from this century

Thought I better stuff these thoughts in here, good night.

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