[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 13716] [master bug] linux needs CONFIG_* subdepends implemented

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------- Additional Comments From jakakranjc at email.si  2007-04-17 14:51 -------
I think it would be best to incorporate that "truly custom" kernel into the 
linux spell first. It would simplify this matter and probably the 
get_kernel_version one too. Wow, more growth opportunities! :P

Wouldn't it be cool if we built things as modules, at least the ones that can 
be - iirc this doesn't require a full kernel rebuild and the spell could adapt 
to it.
The needed state would simply be appeneded in the subdepends call (eg. 
CONFIG_BRAIN=m) and the linux PRE_SUB_DEPENDS would play with it. If there is 
no required state of the CONFIG, just its name would be passed (eg. 
CONFIG_BRAIN) and a query in SUB_DEPENDS would do the rest. I think this is 
cleaner and safer that having each spell doing it itself. 

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