[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 13068] Stable kde version no longer on ftp servers.

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Fri Sep 1 10:06:54 EDT 2006


------- Additional Comments From jakakranjc at email.si  2006-09-01 09:06 -------
just a bit of ranting. We switched to git as our SCM in favour of perforce, but 
the transition isn't fully complete yet. A result of this is that integrations 
to lower grimoires are discuraged, so we can import the old commit history in 
more easily.

if you want to help, you can find a mirror that keeps old release copies 
(indefinately). Would save us some searching. A list of kde mirrors is in /etc/
sorcery/mirrors/KDE - the spell tries the first three if the user didn't 
specify any choice, I think. It is also wierd that only one of our fallbacks 
has the sources. Since the choice is random, you were unlucky.

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