[SM-Grimoire-Bugs] [Bug 10198] Some CFLAGS suggestions

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------- Additional Comments From sobukus at sourcemage.org  2006-11-28 06:06 -------
So, I made commit 585186f6cc76070c14132fdf93f0d4d567e0c066 to archspec git, 
removing the unnecessary / counterproductive m64 flags and the athlon-xp for 
We have a set of *_minimal archspecs there that also removes the -mmmx -m3dnow 
and friends as well as -mfpmath=sse ... I'd like to have some discussion about 
merging them to the default ones or at least being clear of the real 
difference: forcing SSE for fpmath or not, with the features flags additional 
to -march being just cruft that can be removed without defining a new set of 
For the goodness/badness of -mfpmath=sse I'd like to see some numbers...

I left gcc2 in there... because it doesn't hurt in the archspec, while it is 
indeed questionable. At least one could compile 32bit stuff with it, even in 
64bit system... but does any _spell_ still use gcc2?

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